The type of flooring you choose for you home can really bring it to life.

A bit like fashion, trends have changed dramatically over the years and while American shadow carpets were once the vogue, there are now many alternatives that can have a dramatic effect on the look and feel of your floors.

The Flooring Supply centre in Liverpool has the answer to all your needs, and one of their most recognised retailers, Ted Todd Fine Wood Floors, can transform your home.

For more than two decades,Ted Todd  have been on a quest to provide the most beautiful and innovative floors.


Pioneers in hardwood flooring, they pride themselves on pushing the boundaries of wood flooring, while ensuring they work to the highest environmental standards.

All the wood the supply must be 50 years aged and there are bespoke made trims to match, ensuring the highest possible finish and with a wide range of colours to choose from you really do have the chance to have the home of your dreams.

Here the experts at Flooring supply centre display a vast range of looks that will transform your home:


  1. Furrow Plank/Herringbone

The furrow, being one of Ted Todd’s most sought after and popular colour choices.

The furrow mixes the contemporary look with a rustic feel and grain, offering the most appealing compromise to many decors for your home.

With a 20 year guarantee, this timeless colour leaves no room for people to get bored or tired with the aesthetics this product offers.


2 Ceruse Plank

Limed or cerused oak was very popular in mid-century interiors and is now, once again, very much on-trend. Our reclaimed black oak, presents a striking and unusual look, retaining the knots, cracks and ripples of its original state  


3 Eternity Plank


 An original Victorian floorboard which has been gently cleaned in order to leave the enchanting patina untouched. These planks are ready for use and are suitable for walls or floors. Their historic allure is further enhanced with original quirks.


 4 Hip Plank

The blackened nail holes and wear and tear of many generations are still visible on these reclaimed pine Victorian floorboards. They have an undulating surface texture and distressed painted finish and are available in 2-3m lengths.  


5. Calico (Project Collection)


for its light, clean lines and exceptional value for money. Proving that expensive tastes can come at cost efficient prices. The calico offers a cool and contemporary look to a modern Home.



Call the Flooring Supply Centre on 0151 521 5221, or visit our Fantastic showroom! failing this our website  for more information on our extensive product range at competitive prices:


We also offer free no obligation quotes for domestic and commercial flooring.


Please look out for this advert on the award winning flagship title the Liverpool Echo, our local regional newspaper.


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